Monday, 28 November 2011

Golden ways to be at your feeling best

Nothing in the external world will bring you joy unless you’ve already found it within yourself.
I practice joyful living every day and every moment of your life.. I pay attention to on what I love and I follow it. 

Here are few tips/method which you can  follow in your daily life to make it worth counting.
    Each one of these tips is guaranteed to lift your mood, as will the mere fact that you’ve tackled and accomplished some concrete goals.

    Flexing the muscles near both ends-SMILE :  Once you get up bring a big Smile on your face. A new day is a new start of life. Begin a day with good feelings will certainly bring good luck for us. If we can also end a day feeling good, we will certainly feel the satisfactions this day bring to us. Start with some positive affirmations or prayers like Today is a beautiful day ….I am feeling good .Smiling Makes Us Attractive, boosts Your Immune System

    Showing Gratitude Pays:  Be gratitude for little things like your bed, toothbrush, clothes which gives you a way for healthy living. Gratitude is an easy tip to help us beginning a new good day. Just thinking of what make you feel grateful: a small helping from your workmates, a kiss or hug from your lover, spouse, a praise from your boss or friends, a hello from your parents and a enjoying now and so on. You can make a gratitude list or just say “thank you” silently in your heart.

    Accepting yourself unconditionally  :  Love & Appreciate Yourself and others with expecting any returns . You can say “I love you unconditionally” by looking at the mirror.

    Art of self introspection :  Keep at least 15 minutes from your daily routine for a self introspection .The examination of one's own thoughts, impressions, and feelings, especially for long periods can make you aware of your negative emotions and blockages .Contemplation of one's own thoughts gives awareness and checks on our emotions.

    Exercise daily at your own pace :  Regular exercise is a critical part of staying healthy. People who are active live longer and feel better. While you talk on the phone or, even better, take a brisk ten-minute walk outside. Even a small amount of exercise elevates your spirits.Do a little bit of warm-up exercise to make your body and mind healthy.

     Listen to a great song :  Research shows that listening to soothing music you love is an extremely effective way to improve your mood and a powerful stress buster.

    Reach out to friends  :  Make a lunch date or call a friend. Having warm bonds with other people is a key to happiness. Perhaps surprisingly, it turns out that socializing boosts the moods not only of extroverts, but also of introverts.

    Social Networking :  Networking with others can shift your mood and elevate through sharing on your hobbies, businesss,likes ,dislikes making new friends .Social Networking can be considered as one of the greatest innovations in the Internet today. It was originally used to provide a community wherein people could share information. Now, however, it provides the means for numerous things like information dissemination, selling products and playing games. It's a known fact that online networking has become prolific - mainstream sites like Facebook, business sites like LinkedIn, educational sites like Ezine, TV series reviews like Miso, cyclists sites like Pedal room, blood donor sites like i-Blood, there are endless options. Because of this, most people recognize social networking sites as the perfect place to socialize and meet new people.

    Clear the clutter :  Fengshui Science gives much emphasis on clearing the clutter and make space for new, fresh light energy to come into your life. Cleaning your  Closets ,bedroom,bathroom,Kitchen, etc…can really work wonders  in your life. Clear some physical and mental space around your desk by pitching junk, stowing supplies, sending out quick responses, filing, or even just straightening up your piles. Outer order contributes to inner serenity. Clutter affects your mood, your well-being, and your overall life. Clutter is often a sign of a much deeper problem. The time to conquer clutter is now. It will be refreshing and just think how tranquil and relaxing your home will be when you are done.

    Plan out for some fun  : Plan a weekend excursion. Studies show that having fun on a regular basis is a pillar of happiness. Try to involve friends or family, as well; people enjoy activities more when they’re with other people than when they’re alone.

    Fake Smile works wonders : Life is not to be taken seriously .Put a smile on your face right now, and keep smiling. Research shows that even an artificially induced smile has a positive influence on your emotions. Also, if you’re smiling, other people will perceive you as being friendlier and more approachable.

    Spend time with a friend  : Studies show that you’re more likely to feel good about yourself when you feel enthusiastic. For the long term, it’s important to get enough sleep and to exercise, but if you need an immediate pick-me-up, spend time with an energetic friend. In a phenomenon called “emotional contagion,” people pick up each other’s moods. By hanging out with someone energetic, you’ll boost your own energy.

    Go outside: Research suggests that sunlight stimulates brain chemicals that improve mood and increases focus. For an extra boost, get your sunlight first thing in the morning. We often believe that we act because of the way we feel, in fact, we often feel because of the way we act. When you act in a friendly way, you’ll strengthen your feelings of friendliness for other people. And that’s a happy feeling.

    Contacting your higher self:   It s very important to contacting with higher source or GOD . It gives a high sense of love, power, wisdom, Higher sense …Feeling exceptionally high, on the top of the world, clear strong, able to move mountains .Being in love are some examples of being connected to higher source .Get connected to him through a humble prayer .

    Begin and end a day with gratitude : A new day is a new start of life. Begin a day with good feelings will certainly bring good luck for us. If we can also end a day feeling good, we will certainly feel the satisfactions this day bring to us.

    Gratitude is an easy tip to help us beginning a new good day. Just thinking of what make you feel grateful: a small helping from your workmates, a kiss or hug from your lover, a praise from your boss or friends, a remainder from your parents and a pleasing life you enjoy now and so on. You can make a gratitude list or just say “thank you” silently in your heart.

    Meditation : Meditation is the best tip I have used when I come across unpleasant things and I find it very effective. Meditation is very easy to describe, but to enter a good meditation state needs some practice.
    Creative visualization : Creative visualization, imagination and thoughts are the tools of success and can change your life in big and effective way. It enables your subconscious mind to manifest your desires by using the power of imagination and mental pictures .It’s a technique to create what you want in life or to achieve your goals.

    Seek daily joy :  It is easy to feel good every day because our life is full of small pleasures. Open our eyes and pay attention to them will recreate a colorful world in front of us. Stay still and feel the sound of laugh, the smell and beauty of flowers, and all the living animals and plants.

    Decorate your environment with pleasing plants : This is a simple but effective tip. If possible, simple decoration will change the atmosphere where we are working or at home, and then our feelings are also changed.
    Drink  water : Drink water is not only the necessity of physical body, but also the needing of mind. Some researchers have proved that drinking water is helpful to feel good. Drink 4-6 glasses of water a day (at least) and increase the numbers gradually.

    Smile to yourself and others   : It is proven that smile is not only the action from the physical body, but also the expression of feelings. It is lucky for us that active to smile will give ourselves great internal supports to feel good.

    Read a good book :  Shakespeare has truly said “Books are those faithful mirrors that reflect our mind, the mind of sages and heroes .”
    You can read your favorite book or a journal. An interesting book will fill our mind with joy and happiness which will drive away bad feelings. A good book is just like a good tutor who will guide us from anger to calm, from depress to excited, from hate to love and from sad to joy.

    Maintain your hobby  : Pay attention to your hobby which we tend to forget in this busy life. A hobby can enhance our well-being and can give more meaning to our life The creative forces of energy present in everyone should not be repressed. In fact studies reveal that people who cultivate themselves through such activities are less likely to suffer from anxieties, rage, depression and other negative feelings. Interestingly, when you have a hobby, you will strive to create time for yourself and manage your schedule well to keep that appointment with yourself. While you pursue a hobby, you may discover that you have a talent for something unusual as well which you did not know about so far!

    Keep a diary : Maintain a diary to keep an account of your day-to-day activities? If you do, has it helped you make yourself a better you .Maintain a Diary and write what you like and love to do. It can give you company whenever you need it. For your whole life or for any special occasion or when you are alone you can always share your memories any time with a diary. Writing has the power to decrease the stress.

    Selfless Service : One of the most important principles for advancing at all levels, both physical and Spiritual, is offering and provding selfless service and service to others ... Do a divine service to your loved ones by cook them a meal with all your heart.

    Suggestions  are welcome from every individual who want a better living ……….”

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